Now that COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live and work, marketing and communications professionals have the opportunity to shift their strategies to meet the demands of a reimagined market. With social distancing guidelines still in place and stay at home orders slowly being eased in many states, the way businesses engage with customers must change.

Marketers whose product or service doesn’t offer a direct solution to COVID-19 may find themselves struggling to break through a loud and busy media landscape — while possibly wondering whether they should, given everything going on in the world. Others have a solution that offers a product or resource to address COVID-19, and they want to shout from the rooftops to let people know it’s out there. For both these scenarios, it may be time to consider other engagement channels. Media is never the only play.

Below are a few other approaches marketers can consider to engage customers both today and when we enter a new normal:

Social Media

Leveraging channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for marketing in new ways can better engage customers. Be creative. Think beyond promoting a service with a simple post. Consider hosting a Facebook Live event where your CEO discusses how a new product will impact the greater industry during the pandemic and recovery. Invite followers to engage by posing questions.


Social distancing regulations make it difficult to film in-person or on-site. One workaround is to create short videos using Zoom or other platforms. For example, maybe film a quick video with helpful tips on how to use telemedicine the right way. Streaming concerts and SNL home videos have made viewers more accepting of less polished content like this. That revised expectation makes the format more accessible and opens up new creative options for businesses during this crisis.

Surveys and Reports

The media is hungry for new angles, perspectives and predictions on COVID-19. Conducting a survey to gather new insights on how people or business preferences are changing due to COVID-19 can be a data gold mine for pitching media, developing bylines and better informing a marketing strategy overall.

White Papers and Case Studies

Now might be a great time to hammer out those white papers and customer case studies that have been in the queue. Before drafting, think about how these papers might be perceived post-COVID-19. Perhaps, in a new normal, customers will be interested in a different product or want to hear how you drove results despite the pandemic. Or perhaps they’ll wonder how a new policy would impact you and their business. You should develop content that is relevant to your customer now and within the coming months.

Ultimately, when the right messaging and channel come together, a brand will be well-positioned to lead in any climate. The RH team is equipped with expertise in each of these channels and stands well-prepared to turn the right dials to help disruptive companies adjust and adapt their marketing strategies quickly and effectively.

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