We’ve added another RHockstar to the RH Strategic Seattle office! We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Account Executive David Peveto, who answers some questions about himself and his background.


Tell us about your PR background prior to joining RH Strategic.

My PR story begins at Texas Tech University (Wreck ‘Em Tech!) where I was the founder and director of a student-run public relations firm. After graduating college, I worked as a social media consultant for political campaigns, including a congressional race and a race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

After working in political communications for a while, I returned to my first PR love – working for agencies – and have held positions at agencies in both Houston and Austin before taking a position at RH’s Seattle office.

What about PR excites you the most?

At its core, public relations is storytelling, and I love telling stories. Storytelling is universally important and integral to human existence. I enjoy working on a team that listens to, understands and retells the stories of our clients – this is what makes me excited to go to work each morning.

What is your dream vacation spot?

After PR and gaming, my next biggest fandom and passion is all things Disney. So, my true dream vacation would be to take a month or two off to visit every Disney park in one go. However, if I had to pick just one, I think visiting Disneyland Tokyo (and more importantly, Tokyo DisneySea) would be the pinnacle of my Disney Parks and Resorts vacationing career.

What was the last concert you attended?

About three weeks before I moved to Seattle, I found out that my favorite band in the world, The Mountain Goats, was doing a show at the Showbox. The problem was that the show was the day I arrived in Seattle! As I reached the end of my 30-hour drive from Texas, I drove from my final overnight stop to my new apartment, picked up my wife and went straight down to Pike Place Market for the show. I was deliriously tired and struggling with the time-zone changes, but capping off my road trip in that way made it one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had.

What is your favorite social media app and why?

I have a strong background in social media, both professionally and personally, so they all have a special place in my heart. My personal favorite social media app is Twitter. Twitter is quick, and it empowers all users to participate in larger conversations about their favorite topics. Plus, as a fan of watching events live on TV or the internet, seeing real-time reactions on Twitter has become an engaging (and hilarious) part of any live broadcast experience for me.


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