One cannot help but appreciate innovation’s role in an emergence from a deep recession, but President Obama and China and others have kicked this theme into high gear for 2011. What does this mean for the technology industry, and for those of us who are in the business of developing public relations campaigns to support innovators?

We see ample evidence from the press, analysts, trade associations, conference organizers, and policymakers that there is intense interest in stories that give meaning to the innovation theme. For marketers and communicators who for years have promoted disruptive technologies or taken aim at the status quo, air cover has arrived.

The message is not “we’ll be ready when the economy returns to normal,” but rather, “we’re the solution for today, because the landscape is no longer the same and will never return to its old self.”

If you have an innovation story, and the goods to back it up, we encourage you to tap into the intense interest in the subject. The technology industry is no stranger to the story, but now is the time to bring the message to the vertical markets like healthcare, education, government, law, energy, and others that are poised for reinvention in the decade ahead.

Read CNBC’s interview with our client Lewis Lee for a global perspective on innnovation, and the U.S.’s status.