We’ve added another RHockstar to the RH Strategic Seattle office! We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Associate, Kim Noe, who answers some questions about herself and her background.


Tell us about your background prior to joining RH Strategic.

Before joining RH Strategic, I managed and wrote proposals for environmental engineering firms. The interesting thing about proposals is that you get to meet subject matter experts from all over the world and learn about things that most people take for granted (such as how sustainable infrastructure works).

What’s your best kept “Seattle secret”?

While Seattle is known for its coffee, little do people know that it has some amazing tea shops. I love wandering through Seattle’s neighborhoods and coming across tiny tea stores where you can get rare, handpicked oolong tea (my favorite) and learn tea etiquette from tea masters who have studied all over the globe.

Where is your dream vacation spot?

I would have to say my dream vacation spot is on an island. I love the interplay between sea, earth, and people. I like the fact that islands usually have strong communities and that the people are uniquely shaped by their environment.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday night?

I love getting together with friends and exploring Seattle. The community here is very rich, and I never know if I’ll end up at a storytelling festival, eating Tibetan food at an underground restaurant or having a bonfire on the beach while watching the sunset. Seattle is a fun place to live.

Do you have any advice for PR pros early in their careers and looking to break into the industry?

Investing in relationships is key. Seek out interesting and inspiring people in industries that you’re passionate about and spend some time developing a real relationship with them. Also, be of service. Find out if there is a need, step in with your unique skills and help out. Generosity is remembered.


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