If you work in technology, follow the technology industry or have ever considered yourself an early adopter, then chances are that come January you are closely watching what happens over four days in Las Vegas.

blog-CES-floorFor nearly 50 years now, CES has been the launch pad for consumer electronics products, from the VCR to the more recent curved ultra HD TVs. Luckily in the case of CES, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there. Quite the opposite, in fact. Last year’s show attracted nearly 7,000 media and analyst attendees, and the hashtag #CES2015 garnered 703,602 mentions during the show for a total of 7.51 billion potential Twitter impressions.

It’s been more than 10 years since I attended my first CES. In that time, I’ve seen the show grow and change in ways I never would have imagined. Despite the sometimes deafening noise of the show, CES remains one of the best venues out there for introducing brands and making consumer technology news.

RH is thrilled to have three clients participating in CES 2016, so I can’t give away all of our secrets but I thought I’d share a few tips for making your company stand out among 3,600 exhibitors at the show:

  • Speak! Though traditional CES keynote opportunities are few, don’t overlook the host of other conferences at the show that offer opportunities to increase your company’s visibility. The CES Cybersecurity Forum, TransformingEDU and the Digital Health Summit are great examples that allow you to hone in on your target audience and position your company as a thought leader.
  • Give up the gimmicks. Though the days of the booth babe are (mostly) gone, there is no shortage of over-the-top tactics on the show floor. Our media contacts tell us that not only are gimmicks ineffective in driving quality coverage, they’re often distracting. Focus first on telling a great story.
  • Leverage the CES PR machine. The PR team at the Consumer Electronics Association works year-round to generate media excitement and increase attendance at their preeminent event. The schedule of pre-show press events has grown into an international affair, with events in Tokyo and Paris, among others. By the time the show arrives, the CES PR team is in a full-court press to showcase the best of technology innovation, so make sure they know who you are and what makes your company exciting.

See you in Vegas!


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