The tremendous grief we have seen across the nation in recent weeks showcases a very real and urgent need to address racism head-on, educate the public and provide resources for those in unjust circumstances.

RH Strategic has always been on the side of progress – giving voice to the innovators and leaders with a big vision for improving the way we live, work and learn. The importance and value of this mission rings truer than ever.

We’ve seen an outpouring of genuine support for the black community, as well as impatience at the lack of progress thus far. We stand with those who seek to transform race relations and ensure that every person has equal rights and protection from senseless violence. We’re proud to work with so many companies putting thought, strategy and resources into helping create real and lasting change that we can all be proud of.

As a team of public relations pros who care deeply about one another, our clients, and our communities, we want to do more than just guide our clients’ communications needs in this national crisis. Through all our conversations over the past week, it has been clear that this is a special moment to do more to support the movement and advocate for equality and justice.

That is why RH Strategic is donating to nonprofit organizations supporting social justice and civil liberty in this time of national crisis. The organizations will be nominated by RH staff members, who are selecting these organizations based on their missions of supporting equal rights for all, providing education to end racism, and more. Additionally, we’re matching donations made by our team to organizations they see as critical in the fight for equal rights for all.

We’re sharing this effort publicly not because we seek accolades but rather because we hope it encourages others in our industry to act as well. It need not be financial – anything more than words will go far. There is tremendous work to be done, and the collective progress we make today, at this moment, may become a no-turning-back point in what has been a long march to real racial equality and justice.

– John Raffetto, David Herman and Jen Bemisderfer


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