In the last decade, the issue of climate change has come to the forefront of public consciousness. It’s no longer just an environmental issue, but a pressing economic and social challenge that demands attention and action.

Within ClimateTech, new and innovative solutions are continually advancing to fuel tremendous growth and address some of the most pressing climate challenges in areas such as EVs, renewable energy, circular economy solutions, carbon capture and storage, and sustainable agriculture. However, regulatory challenges, financial barriers, and limited public awareness of the importance of these solutions remain significant.

Our clients are at the forefront of this exciting emerging industry, and we work with them to increase brand awareness for their organization and technology, as well as position leaders and founders as innovators to drive positive and necessary change.

With extensive experience in both public relations and sustainability, the Social and Environmental Impact team is dedicated to helping its clients communicate their vision and impact to the world. Whether you’re a mission-driven startup with a world-changing solution or a mature company taking your ClimateTech initiatives to the next level, RH Strategic believes that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and we’re excited to support those making a difference.

Key Industries: Robotics, AgTech, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles (EV), Carbon Capture, and more.

Sample Media Coverage

ClimateTech Case studies

Scythe Robotics: Driving Emissions-Free Mowing with Talent and Fundraising

Scythe Robotics is on a mission to provide the most advanced and sustainable autonomous technology for maintaining off-road environments safely, effectively, and responsibly.

After a successful Series A, Scythe came to RH Strategic with 7,500 pre-orders for its emissions-free robot, an autonomous lawn mower for the landscaping industry. Filling these orders meant the company needed talent and capital.

Results: The team set out to position Scythe as an innovator and CleanTech thought leader across technology, robotic and sustainability trades, which helped support a successful Series B, including landing a CNBC broadcast feature. The team then utilized the Series B news to promote the company’s hiring messaging at a time when much of the technology sector was laying off employees by the thousands. The result was an exclusive in TechCrunch and more than 30 pieces of coverage in local media, robotics, cleantech, and tech outlets – resulting in a 50% increase in job applications, as well as even more pre-orders for the robot mower.

Mullen Automotive: Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Comes of Age

Mullen Automotive is an emerging electric vehicle maker amidst a sea of similar. While the company brought unique award-winning design, technology, speed, charging and distribution strategies, pre-orders for its EV remained low.

Results: During the 6-month engagement, RH Strategic focused on strategies that would generate awareness, build the brand, and essentially put Mullen on the map. The team provided constant counsel around messaging and announcement strategies, working to utilize deals and news to tell the larger Mullen story and support positive momentum. As a result, Mullen was featured as an industry innovator across dozens of influential publications ranging from the top automotive trades, Detroit automotive press, national business and technology publications. Big wins included feature stories in TechCrunch and Newsweek that positioned the company as an innovator defying the odds. Following this successful campaign, the company’s 30-city test-drive tour sold out in every location.

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