Who are you, and who are they? Just 50 years ago, you personally knew your banker, your employer, your grocer – and they knew you. Today you are asked to trust that the person on the other side of an email, a login, a transaction, or a phone call is who they say they are.

Whether you’re a technician dealing with alert overload, a CEO who is accountable to shareholders following a catastrophic breach, or a consumer who just had your account compromised, security is top of mind. It’s the story of the decade. And with cybersecurity spending predicted to exceed $1 trillion over the next five years, it will be the story of the next decade too.

It’s hard to keep pace with the frequency and scale of breaches, the dearth of cyber security talent and the emergence of new threats that piggyback innovations like IoT and AI. Nation states are now both targets and hackers themselves. At the same time, governments are trying to curb the impacts through sweeping privacy and security legislation.

These stories touch all of us. RH Strategic is placing its clients at the center of the conversation by engaging reporters, analysts, opinion leaders, investors and lawmakers. Our clients are challenging the conventions of security and setting a new vision for a safer and more secure world – and we make sure the world knows it.

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MediaPro: Data Strategy to Elevate National Profile

MediaPro, a security and privacy awareness firm, was an unknown quantity within prevailing security and privacy discussions. The needed a way to drive demand for its security and privacy awareness programs. RH Strategic devised a data strategy to meet this objective.
The RH team partnered with MediaPro to create a privacy and security awareness IQ survey, giving companies a baseline for their employees’ risk profiles. MediaPro surveyed more than a thousand workers across a number of key vertical markets and released the data in the form of an infographic and report.

Results: RH Strategic secured more than 40 pieces of coverage spanning business and trade media including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BNA, InformationWeek Dark Reading and The Hill. The MediaPro website saw a surge in its domain authority, increasing by 3 points while also driving more than 200 downloads and 4,700 page views of its report. Additionally, RH Strategic brokered a cross-promotional relationship with the National Cybersecurity Alliance leading to additional paid and unpaid exposure to MediaPro’s message.

"As I've worked with RH over the last several years, they've done a really great job of understanding our business and then finding channels for us to communicate with a larger audience. I feel really comfortable with the people there and with the level of support we get from them."

Tom Pendergast Chief Strategist; Security, Privacy, and Compliance, MediaPro November 27, 2016

Haystax Technology: Super Bowl Campaign

Haystax Technology, a cyber analytics firm, turned to RH Strategic to build awareness of Haystax’s security analytics platform. RH Strategic identified the Super Bowl as a major opportunity to highlight how the technology was being used by federal, state and local intelligence agencies to sift through potential threats to the public. The campaign was a huge success, raising national awareness of Haystax’s analytics expertise and showcasing strong endorsements from its public safety customers.

Results: Coverage spanned 15 stories in media like NPR All Things Considered, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNet and NBC News while reaching and estimated audience of 82 million. Haystax reported its highest single-day website traffic on record.

“RH Strategic shows that PR really can supercharge a marketing program and help close deals. Their cybersecurity expertise and media savvy have placed our brands in places we wouldn’t have thought possible just a few months ago.”

Jaffrey Ali VP Marketing & Product Strategy, Haystax Technology April 4, 2015

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