Fintech has been transforming the financial services industry since PayPal launched. Fueled by consumers’ needs and expectations, the digital age has further accelerated this radical shift toward digital financial transactions and services.

We are now closer than ever to being a cashless society. From digital, mobile and P2P payments to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and more, a multitude of emerging technologies are upending the industry.

As a result, regulators are closely scrutinizing these innovative technologies. Fintech providers must not only gain the credibility and trust of their customers, but they must also comply with privacy and financial industry regulations.

At RH, we work with fintech companies of all sizes, from scrappy innovators to large global corporations. We help our clients craft compelling narratives and strategic media campaigns that break through a crowded marketplace of ideas and solutions. We engage top-tier media, key analysts and investors to create a winning equation for our clients that builds thought leadership and brand awareness in support of sales and other key business objectives.

Our clients are the future of fintech, and our solutions-based approach to public relations garners the industry recognition they need to capture, hold and advance their positions in this always-evolving landscape.

Fintech Case Study

OneSpan: Increasing Brand Awareness and Reputation

OneSpan, the global leader in securing remote banking transactions and digital fraud prevention solutions for financial institutions, tasked RH Strategic with developing a public relations strategy to increase its brand awareness and position as a leader in anti-fraud and digital identity protection solutions.

Results: Over two years, RH Strategic has secured more than 400 pieces of earned media coverage in national top-tier and trade publications, including Forbes, ABC7 Chicago, American Banker, TechRepublic, Axios, ABA Banking, CSO, Fintech Impact Podcast, SC Magazine and TechTarget.

The RH Strategic team consistently secures executive interview opportunities, media and byline placements in top-tier publications. We also recently developed a successful media campaign for OneSpan’s Global Financial Regulations Report that secured more than 26 pieces of standalone coverage and built its thought leadership around compliance trends.

Sample Media Coverage

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