Top Stories About Media Disruption & PR Trends
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If you work in media and PR, you know the future is unclear. News is less trusted and understaffed, yet in some ways more powerful than ever before. We consume information from hundreds of alternate sources, yet we live in ever hardening bubbles.

Here are my Five Shot Friday reads to prepare you for what’s next. Grab your strongest morning beverage of choice and I’ll fill you in.

Friday October 16, 2020

  • Making it up as they go… Twitter and Facebook wake up in the eye of a category 5 shitstorm with no escape route: The Verge
  • Local news is now often automated – and politically funded – yet the coders running Google News can’t tell the difference: CJR
  • But some local newspapers are profitable – and for sale: WVU
  • Make no mistake, YouTube is a major news platform in America. Especially for personalities (vs. media brands): Pew Research Center
  • “This gravy train is coming to an end.” News media begins to contemplate a post-Trump White House: Vanity Fair

Friday October 9, 2020

  • “A bigger and more relevant audience than most mainstream journalists and broadcasters” – when your teenage daughter is better at PR than you: Business Insider
  • Complex publishing networks and some Faustian bargains allow foreign propaganda to appear as news: Wall Street Journal
  • News Corp may actually be succumbing to the cable-ization of online news, much to the pleasure of Big Tech: Axios
  • Does changing the name alter the brand? Microsoft’s Bing search engine is now, well, “Microsoft Bing”: Inc
  • Thank you TikTok for giving us something else to numb ourselves with, even if it’s just cranberry juice: Entrepenuer

Friday October 2, 2020

  • Departing Verge editor Casey Newton has been thinking a lot about the future of news – and is betting on old fashioned email to deliver it: Medium
  • COVID pushes college newspapers to step into the void of local journalism: The Washington Post
  • If data and analytics are the future of PR, then why is Cision selling TrendKite? Business Insider
  • A cautionary tale of getting carried away with marketing claims – selling a product on Amazon doesn’t equal a “collaboration” with Amazon:  SlashGear
  • Urinating in the office coffee pot – a member of NIH’s communications team secretly waged war on his agency’s public information campaign: The Washington Post

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