In today’s hyper crowded technology landscape, it’s no longer enough just to have brilliant minds and leaders behind your innovations in order to stand out in the market.

You need to showcase your expertise through media coverage, speaking opportunities and digital content to build your brand, earn customers, attract investment, and stand out from the competition. However, many companies struggle to tell their stories because of the challenge of bringing in a key part of the narrative: customers that can provide credibility, relevant examples and explanation.

From customers wanting to remain anonymous to contractual reasons to the sheer amount of approvals and coordination required, gathering these story components is often a non-starter. How can you build thought leadership when missing these key parts of the narrative?

In this whitepaper, we will share actionable advice on how to:

  • Assemble an integrated thought leadership program
  • Uncover key storylines, themes and trends
  • Find thought leadership gold — using free tools and processes
  • Determine the best storytelling formats
  • Share an expert opinion or take a stance
  • Harness and share proprietary or external data

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