In Washington D.C. and in state capitals around the country, the rules of the public affairs game have changed.

Driving meaningful policy change requires more than just a lobbying team. Becoming a thought leader in the field and a trusted resource for policymakers means engagement beyond policymaker briefings. It means not only delivering a compelling message, but also standing out in the digital crowd.

At RH Strategic, our clients are leading policy debates, testifying before Congress and state legislatures, participating in events alongside think tanks and administration officials and hosting discussions on the most pressing issues of the day with leaders in the field. Our team not only ensures that clients have the right message, but also works to make sure that members of the media have visibility into these discussions and understand why the issues matter.

The RH team provides a strategic approach that delivers those results. We help you tell your story to the audience that matters most and achieve your goals in today’s policy landscape. We are a full-service firm driven by a relentless desire to get our clients the results they need to shape public policy, be recognized as a thought leader and stand out in a crowd.

Sample Public Affairs Results

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Case Study: Amplifying a Public Policy Brand

RH Strategic helped Intel Corp. take their policy communications to the next level through media relations, content development/placement, social media, and events.

In just nine months, Intel has been featured in more than 30 pieces of coverage on its main areas of interest – the key drivers of its next-generation business. Since RH began proposing content for the company’s policy handle, both followers and influence has increased significantly.

Read the full Intel case study.

RH Strategic’s public sector PR program has placed Intel Security, and before that McAfee, front-and-center in the federal cybersecurity conversation. They have generated more than 350 unique articles, reaching an estimated audience of more than 100 million people.

Sal Viveros
Sr. Director, Public Sector PR, Intel Security

Case Study: Public Affairs Re-Launch

Intel Policy newsletter

When the new McAfee launched, RH Strategic quickly started building visibility for the company’s new name, its policy positions and its advanced threat research.

These areas had previously been off-limits for the cybersecurity company, because of larger corporate interests. RH successfully placed the new McAfee in the D.C. spotlight by quickly issuing statements on national initiatives, connecting spokespeople with reporters, supporting congressional witness opportunities, and creating policy content. The campaign resulted in a tenfold increase in media coverage from the same time one year before.
Read the full McAfee case study.

RH is key to our PR success. They are strategic, creative, and results-driven – and they enhance results by leveraging their understanding of marketing and government relations. Most importantly, they are a truly devoted partner. We consider them members of our in-house team.

Tom Gann
Vice President, Public Policy, McAfee

Think Tank Engagement

We forge relationships with Think Tanks on behalf of our clients to insert them into the conversations on the topics and issues that matter most, position them as thought leaders in their fields, and access the latest issues, trends and research.
The Atlantic CouncilThe Aspen InstituteBrookings InstituteCATO InstituteCenter for American ProgressCSISPew Research CenterRand CorporationThird Way

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