BoldIQ, an RH Strategic client, is the kind of innovative, ground-breaking company that gets us really excited. Its operations optimization software is challenging the status quo, empowering business executives to make data-driven decisions in real-time instead of relying only on intuition.

When we first started working with them, their software was virtually unknown. They didn’t have a well-planned, ongoing PR program and had not yet figured out how to communicate the value of their complex product.

Amazon’s delivery drones and Google’s driverless car were getting a lot of media attention at the time, so we newsjacked those high-profile stories with a creative angle. What about the future, we asked reporters, when there will almost certainly be many drones in the air and many driverless cars on the roads? Won’t companies like Amazon and Google need technology like BoldIQ’s to manage that complex traffic?

Within a year, pitching that angle, we had placed BoldIQ and its CEO in Wired, Information Week Government, TechCrunch, Federal Computer Week and more than twenty other influential publications.

We like to think that two words sum up the success of that particular PR campaign: “creative” and “edgy.” We discovered just the right new angle to draw big-time attention to BoldIQ’s product, while empowering its CEO to speak publicly about the future of operations optimization–and in the process actually change that conversation.