Andrew Grafton combines quality writing with extensive research to help RH Strategic’s clients execute effective media campaigns.

Driven by the belief that a communications strategy is only as good as the data behind it, Andrew synthesizes complex information into engaging content that communicates the big picture to the client’s target audience. He has brought this approach to work for clients in the energy, education, transportation and technology sectors.

Andrew’s ability to convey complex ideas has enabled him to help launch a client’s super PAC and to coordinate English-language crisis communications for a foreign national government during an election. By combining his talent for research with his skills as a writer, Andrew has secured placements for client stories in The Washington Post, USA Today, Fox News, LA Times and elsewhere.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Andrew brings his love of history and politics to his work at RH. He leverages his extensive background in research for his work in PR, producing engaging narratives with quantitative data points.

I’m proudest of…

Helping clients translate sophisticated technical ideas and academic language into content that is accessible to both the media and the public. I love a challenging topic – the more complex, the better.