I’m an adventurer at heart — climbing Mt. Rainier, running marathons, SCUBA diving as much as I can. So for example when I was asked to travel in rural Alaska as part of my work, I said “Of course!”

And I think that translates into adventurousness in my PR writing; I’m always looking for a creative angle or different way to say something, like a punchy sentence hooked to some sexy angle in the news.

I was a TV news reporter for about three years and I use that experience all the time in my PR work. I know what reporters are looking for, how to write for different audiences, boil down complicated stories for the general public, meet deadlines. That experience also helps me build good relationships with reporters on both a professional and personal level.

I enjoy the storytelling part of PR the most, that’s what gets me excited—not just writing stories, but finding just the right person to tell them and making sure they get to the right audiences and readers.

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I’m proudest of…

Placing a story about an Alaska client’s new broadband network in International Business Times, a large, influential publication. I worked hard to find just the right reporter for the story and helped her connect with all the right people.