Over 16 years in public relations, I’ve worked with startups, large multinational brands, large and influential industry trade associations. I’ve worked in consumer electronics, education technology, healthcare technology, cybersecurity… For me, the common thread—my true passion—is supporting the companies, the organizations, the products and the people who are shaping the future through technology.

I think my biggest personal strength is my focus and ability to get things done. Solutions don’t have to be overly complicated — you identify the problem or the opportunity, come up with a strategy and go execute.

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing results. Realizing the fruits of our labor. More than just media placements, (though I love those too!) but real results that impact the mission and the bottom line.

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I’m proudest of…

Leading a team of truly capable and committed PR professionals focused on driving results for clients. It’s my job to support them and make sure they have what they need to succeed, from strategic guidance to strong coffee!