To be able to do public relations in our nation’s capital is truly unique – nowhere else do you find such a vibrant, thriving intersection of tech, policy, public affairs, and influence.

I’m an avid – dare I say voracious – media consumer, and I love that as a PR practitioner who works with healthcare and tech clients, I get to influence and help shape the narrative in some way every day. Using knowledge, creativity, intuition and sometimes a bit of luck to find a way to appeal to a reporter is always an exciting challenge.

Prior to joining RH, I supported national communications and awareness campaigns for federal healthcare agencies under HHS, including CMS and HRSA. I began my public relations career working with clients in the fields of international business, biopharmaceuticals and consumer tech.


Helping to connect a former international tech client with DC influencers during a multi-billion dollar M&A deal that ended up getting successful US approval.

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