Besides my day-to-day work managing client accounts, I provide a strategic voice for the firm, brainstorming, collaborating, asking questions about where projects are going and identifying news trends.

When it comes to business development, clients like knowing that I’ve had extensive PR experience with big companies. I did crisis management work for Starbucks and Microsoft and led several product launches for Microsoft’s Xbox player.

My main passion at RH Strategic is content strategy and development—writing stories and producing infographics and videos. Content is really exciting to me! I love it when I can use visuals to tell a story. I also do a lot of writing for the firm’s Twitter feed, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and similar social media work for our clients–writing blog posts and consulting on social strategy.

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My work for BoldIQ, a client that sells operations optimization software. They were virtually unknown when we started working with them, but we managed to raise their profile way beyond anyone’s expectations with a lot of great media coverage.