Matthew Mors is widely known for possessing a deep understanding of enterprise and emerging technologies and for developing impactful, data-driven B2B PR campaigns that demonstrably benefit clients.

He believes in taking a “hands-on” approach to learning the principles and practices of his clients’ industries. He has earned security certifications in both Masters Level Social Engineering (MLSE) and Social Engineering for Penetration-Testing Professionals (SEPP), now known as Advanced Practical Social Engineering (APSE), and has demonstrated proficiency with penetration testing tools such as Kali Linux, Maltego and Metasploit.

Matthew co-founded MIX Public Relations, which was acquired by RH Strategic in 2020. Prior to co-founding MIX, Mathew helped found Text 100’s successful financial services and security sector practice areas. He has advised or lectured on strategy, marketing and public relations at three global universities and worked with early stage entrepreneurs in Tanzania to develop strategic marketing initiatives as a Technoserve Volunteer Consultant through a program funded by Google’s philanthropic arm,