What has always fascinated me has been seeing how effective communication can truly drive or change human behavior. I have a passion for getting into the weeds of a complex issue and strategically creating a digestible message for the intended audience.

I’m a communicator. Whether it be writing, stakeholder engagement, or media outreach, I always get a thrill out of threading the needle on a creative narrative.

Prior to joining the RH Strategic team, I worked for over three years in PR for clients across the energy sector. Cutting my teeth in energy and utility PR gave me an appreciation for communicating complex, nuanced issues. These experiences have instilled in me a love for infrastructure and technology. That love for innovation led me to working at RH.

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I’m proudest of…

Going to bat for my clients and shining a light on the fantastic work that they do. Educating the public on how society is benefiting from a client’s work is one of the best parts of the job!

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