I’ve found that being able to work quickly and calmly in high-pressure environments is a critical skill in the PR world, whether you’re in the government or private sector.

I’ve spent more than six years in the federal government helping agencies put out fires, prepare for major White House initiative rollouts and handle the day to day influx of media inquiries. Being able to understand complex matters and translate the key points to specific audiences – government, business, media, the public – has been a big asset in getting that work done.

I get the most fulfillment out of getting a good story for a client. Whether it’s turning a negative story neutral or scoring a slam dunk in a major publication, getting our message out there, educating the public on some innovative government program or piece of technology a business has developed, creating buzz, and making my boss or client happy is the best feeling.

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When I was at the U.S. Department of Commerce, I launched and managed the Deputy Secretary’s Twitter account. I was given the space to be creative, and we got 1,700 followers in the first eight months, which is pretty good for a government official.