Stacey Barrack leverages more than 15 years of experience in public affairs and election campaigns to advise RH Strategic’s government and technology clients on policy and strategy.

Her understanding of electoral politics and legislative strategy enables her to connect the dots between her clients’ priorities and what’s happening on Capitol Hill. She leverages over 15 years of experience in public policy to advance her clients’ policy agenda with relevant stakeholders and influencers. Her work encompasses policy efforts in a variety of sectors, including cybersecurity, healthcare, and technology.

After graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Stacey went on to earn a Master’s in Political Management from The George Washington University and a certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight from Carnegie Mellon University. She worked on election campaigns for 10 years before transitioning to work in public affairs. Prior to joining RH Strategic, she worked at the Internet Security Alliance and Howard Consulting Group.

Samples of Stacey’s achievements:

  • Co-author to National Association of Corporate Director’s “Cybersecurity Handbook for Corporate Directors in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany,” a guidebook to help corporate boards navigate cyber risk.
  • Contributing author to the Internet Security Alliance’s “The Cybersecurity Social Contract: Implementing a Market-based Model for Cybersecurity,” which updates the concept of the social contract for the cyber age.
  • Managed complex campaign cycles with high success rates, which resulted in the election of dozens of elected officials in every level of government, from the local to the federal, as well as successfully managed several key issue campaigns throughout the country.

I’m proudest of…

My ability to craft meaningful brand stories and messages that resonate with my clients’ target policy audiences, whether they be legislators, policymakers or voters.