I’ve been a communicator all my life – as a writer, story teller, teacher, lobbyist, consultant, problem solver and public relations specialist.

In my current position I bring all those roles together, figuring out what clients need to advance their business, raise their profile or advocate positions and issues through communications.

Being strategic is the key to everything I do. That means knowing exactly where to focus and then building a plan around it. Just let me know what you want to do and I’ll tell you how to get it done – whether directly or indirectly. In Washington, everyone has an opinion, so the biggest challenge is cutting through all the noise and saying, “this is the strategy we need.”

My biggest satisfaction is when a client says, “Thank you so much; I couldn’t have done it without you and you did a great job.” That’s really rewarding.

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I’m proudest of…

The time I helped change legislation by removing the legal uncertainty over using cybersecurity tools to inspect software. Everyone said it couldn’t be done; the bills had been worked on for years and everyone was dug into their positions. I persevered, built a coalition, identified the key influencers, met with them and convinced them that we all wanted the same thing. After that the lawyers took over and worked out language that didn’t disadvantage anyone and that has survived legal tests.