Zachary Vito-Bollong helps insert RH Strategic’s cybersecurity and B2B technology clients into the most important conversations happening in their industries.

As a strategic communicator, Zach serves as a vital conduit between the media and his clients’ SMEs and spokespeople. He believes in developing lasting relationships with the media that help his clients grow their businesses and become leaders in their industries.

Zach’s talent for elevating the profile of his clients and launching them to the forefront of key national conversations has helped him develop relationships with top-tier outlets such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Axios and Consumer Reports. He has also secured coverage in top trade outlets, including SC Magazine, TechRepublic and Bleeping Computer.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, Zach translated his training in journalism into a career working in public relations for businesses. Prior to joining RH Strategic, he worked in PR in the Bay Area for firms such as Grayling and MSR Communications.

I’m proudest of…

How I’ve uncovered unique story angles and strengthened key media relationships to secure meaningful coverage for my clients. For me, it’s not enough to secure any story — I leverage a data-driven approach to identify the right story to help further my client’s goals and objectives.