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What our clients are saying:

“RH Strategic’s public sector PR program has placed Intel Security, and before that McAfee, front-and-center in the federal cybersecurity conversation. They have generated more than 350 unique articles, reaching an estimated audience of more than 100 million people.”

Sal Viveros Sr. Director, Public Sector PR, Intel Security December 22, 2014

“RH Strategic shows that PR really can supercharge a marketing program and help close deals. Their cybersecurity expertise and media savvy have placed our brands in places we wouldn’t have thought possible just a few months ago.”

Jaffrey Ali VP Marketing & Product Strategy, Haystax Technology April 4, 2015

"RH is key to our PR success. They are strategic, creative, and results-driven – and they enhance results by leveraging their understanding of marketing and government relations. Most importantly, they are a truly devoted partner. We consider them members of our in-house team.”

Tom Gann Vice President, Public Policy, McAfee May 22, 2014

"As I've worked with RH over the last several years, they've done a really great job of understanding our business and then finding channels for us to communicate with a larger audience. I feel really comfortable with the people there and with the level of support we get from them."

Tom Pendergast Chief Strategist; Security, Privacy, and Compliance, MediaPro November 27, 2016