Every day, more of what makes up our daily lives seems to be conducted online.

Calendars, address books, notepads and other objects that were commonplace in the physical environment just 15 years ago increasingly exist only online, accessible via our mobile devices. Consumer preferences for mobile over physical transactions are also driving innovations like Apple Pay, which could replace our credit or debit cards in the near future. It’s not so hard to imagine a future where secure documents, like your driver license, are also available on a cell phone, which could even make wallets obsolete.

In fact, this is a real project that RH client MorphoTrust USA is working on in partnership with the Iowa Department of Transportation. This pilot project is for a digital driver license (dDL) in the form of an app on your smartphone.  Like your regular driver license, it has many visible and invisible security features that allow law enforcement officers, government employees and others to verify the authenticity of the credential.  MorphoTrust’s goal is that you’ll be able to extend the implicit trust you place in the authenticity of a physical driver license into a mobile setting with the app.

News of the dDL first came out a few weeks ago and RH led the public relations effort in generating coverage that featured MorphoTrust’s role in the project. The media results were very positive and MorphoTrust was featured in several major, top-tier news outlets like the Wall Street Journal and NPR and Bloomberg, as well as influential trade media outlets like FierceMobileGovernment, Washington Technology, and many more. The news lit the Internet on fire, and set off an important discussion on the security, technology and privacy implications of the dDL news, with MorphoTrust at the center of it.

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