Have you seen your doctor lately? How did you make your last healthcare appointment? Do you have a main primary care physician (PCP)?

If you are a millennial (or younger), chances are high that you don’t have a PCP and/or that your last interaction with your doctor was digital – via telemedicine or a patient portal. The consumerization of healthcare means evolving patient expectations. Instead of the traditional model of doctors dictating the terms of care, we’ve entered a world where patients are taking charge of their own care.

As healthcare communicators and marketers, we must understand this monumental shift and help healthcare organizations communicate with updated terms across new channels in order to reach today’s healthcare consumers.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest on Nov. 8 and would like to learn more, please join a distinguished panel of healthcare industry leaders assembled by RH Strategic and AMA Puget Sound for “Healthcare Consumerization“. Panelists will discuss strategies for meeting patient expectations.

  • Keynote: Gary Kaplan, Chairman and CEO, Virginia Mason
  • Moderator: Coral Garnick, health care/retail staff writer, Puget Sound Business Journal
  • Ryan Schmid, President & CEO, Vera Whole Health
  • Jamie Gier, Chief Marketing Officer, SCI Solutions
  • John Espinola, MD, MPH, Executive Vice President of Health Services, Premera Blue Cross

Why the consumerization of healthcare? Patients have been increasingly impacted by the growing responsibility for their own healthcare costs, an expanding variety of healthcare locations and methods from which to choose from, and technology innovations that alter the type of interactions between patients and physicians.

Topics include:

  • How millennials are changing healthcare and how to reach them
  • What technology innovations exist that help meet patients where they are
  • The future of patient-directed care and what it means for marketers

Registration information can be found here. We hope to see you there!


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