Cleantech and sustainability are driving forces in how organizations are positioning themselves for growth in the clean economy, and major players from utilities to big brands rely on strategic communications to tell the story of how these driving forces can change our society for the better.

What was unimaginable a few decades ago is reality today. The world’s largest institutional investors recognize climate change as the greatest investment risk. Big brands are uniting behind an organized push for easier adoption of solar energy. Recent regulatory decisions have opened up the energy storage market, and innovators are bringing artificial intelligence to utilities and energy retailers to improve load forecasting and deliver improved services to ratepayers.

These are just a few of the biggest stories and trends in the energy industry today. What we’re seeing now is a shifting narrative about what is possible within this sector. Increasingly, we are seeing advocates and innovators actively push for decarbonization through policies and technologies that unlock the value of green hydrogen and carbon capture, and advance building the EV infrastructure. Visionaries are also unlocking value from previously discarded sources like waste and second-life plastics. Taken together, these trends represent significant disruptions redefining the future state of both the clean and circular economies.

Simply put, the way the world — and investors — view and talk about the interconnections of energy, carbon and sustainability has fundamentally changed. Businesses must step up and proactively take action to reduce their environmental impact and work with innovators and regulators to effect change. This includes communicating clearly about that change and its value to external and internal stakeholders.

At RH Strategic, we understand how energy, environment and sustainability are changing the world. We aren’t satisfied with helping our clients participate in the conversation — we help them lead it.

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Loretta Prencipe, Vice President at RH Strategic

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