The RH Strategic Podcast recently connected with Professor Erran Carmel, of the Kogod School of Business at American University, at the 2018 DCA BIG Cyber Growth Summit in Crystal City, Virginia, to talk about the evolution of the cybersecurity industry in the DC region.

Podcast interview with American University Business Professor Erran CarmelIn our podcast, Carmel discusses his new research into local cybersecurity founders and what the data reveals about where the cybersecurity market in DC is headed.

“The number one school for cyber security is the national security ecosystem,” said Carmel. “So it’s the NSA and other organizations like that, or it’s working for the big contractors. That’s really where the action is. The universities actually spawn a relatively small number of the founders of these companies. Unlike Silicon Valley, where Stanford, for example, spawns many of the interesting startups, Google being a classic example. That’s not happening here out of universities. It’s happening out of this national security ecosystem, and so that’s our school here.”

Hear more from Carmel in the podcast below.


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