In 2008, John Raffetto and David Herman founded Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications (RH Strategic) with the belief that tying great work to business objectives drives results and transforms innovative companies into industry leaders.

We are driven by a relentless desire to get our clients the results they need to grow their businesses—results that change minds and spark action. Our clients see RH Strategic as their strategic counselors, creative partners and communicators. We design public relations campaigns that prioritize strategy, creativity, and efficiency in order to achieve meaningful business objectives such as sparking customer demand, growing market share, and becoming the undisputed market leader.

Because of our unique professional backgrounds and expertise, we work mainly with companies in technology, government, and healthcare. Our clients are shaking up industries, challenging incumbents, and disrupting the status-quo. Helping them do that inspires and informs everything we do. Since our founding, we have grown into a national firm of 40 dedicated PR professionals from coast-to-coast with offices in Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Our Values

  • Show Up Curious. Everything starts with intentional curiosity; a genuine passion to understand and learn. It’s the well from which innovation, intelligence and creativity are filled. For us, curiosity is the catalyst for action and impact. It’s how we discover the undervalued or overlooked—as well as the new stories and strategies that leave a mark.
  • Earn Trust. Build Relationships. We believe in cultivating authentic, meaningful relationships founded on mutual respect and trust. Trust allows you to debate openly and then commit fully; to rely on each other in the clutch—and the day-to-day. It informs compassion, demonstrates integrity and is the reason why our clients stay and grow with us. Trust enables remarkable work.
  • Embrace Individuality. Be Unstoppable Together. We recognize that everyone we work with—from colleagues to clients—is a unique individual with equally diverse perspectives, experiences and talents. Together, we are enriched, growing and inspired; we are more than the simple sum of our parts.
  • Do Remarkable Things. Resiliency and focus deliver results—and so can knowing when to change the game. We didn’t get up this morning just to do the ‘acceptable.’ We are driven to deliver the exceptional. We challenge ourselves to deliver work known for its impact, placing outcomes over output.
  • Commit To The Craft. Our biggest ideas demand our focused attention. Details matter, and we care about getting them right. We owe our best work to our clients—and our team. We stay sharp—building deep knowledge and informed ideas about the industries we serve, as well as advances in our own disciplines.
  • Enjoy The Adventure. The difference between a terrible experience and an amazing experience is often the company you keep. Adventure is an attitude we apply to small obstacles and big challenges. Positivity, agility, inclusion and resilience are tools we use to make each day count along the way.