We live and breathe technology. It is our inspiration, our passion and the reason we choose to work with tech companies that are disrupting established markets and transforming whole industries.

Often, their product is highly complex, and they come to us asking for help to explain it clearly and demonstrate its value to a broader audience. They want it to stand out from the crowd in a noisy marketplace. Some are new to PR; others have tried PR with a large firm that only blasted out press releases and (surprise!) did not get them the results they expected. Often, they are frustrated a competitor’s inferior product is getting more media attention than it deserves.

We are well aware of all those pitfalls and more. We translate technology into straightforward, non-technical language. We craft compelling stories that resonate with the media. We understand the unique nuances and demands of the tech media environment. Our PR approach is not piecemeal or random; it is thoughtful, analytical, strategic. More than anything, we focus from the get-go on planning and executing PR campaigns that get our tech clients the results they ask for—and deserve.

RH Technology Experts

John Raffetto

John Raffetto Chief Executive Officer

David Herman

David Herman President

Hally Wax

Hally Wax Senior Vice President

Jason Poos

Jason Poos Vice President

Kara Lundberg

Kara Lundberg Associate Vice President

Holly Noland

Holly Noland Associate Vice President

Brendan Hughes

Brendan Hughes Account Director

Amanda Meglio

Amanda Meglio Account Director