Life is better without wires. Now that so many smart, mobile and IoT devices receive wireless data, isn’t it time to power them wirelessly too?

Wi-Charge is the leader in long-range wireless power technology, providing a new way to charge all smart devices using infrared light, making traditional power cords and batteries a thing of the past. In 2020, Wi-Charge wanted to put the long-range wireless power and smart home industries on notice by making a big name for themselves at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and securing coverage in top-tier tech publications. However, with only proofs-of-concept available and CES being a notoriously busy event, it was going to be a challenge.

To break out and rise above the noise, RH Strategic developed a multi-pronged approach that included releasing Wi-Charge’s new R1 long-range wireless power charger in mid-December — a month ahead of the actual CES 2020 event — and teasing the live product unveiling at CES 2020.  We followed this up with four separate press releases grouping new partners into key industries. This enabled targeted, pre-show pitching to vertical press based on media interest. All four press releases went live on the first day of the show in order to stack the buzz and drive traffic to the Wi-Charge booth.


With our strategy of announcing Wi-Charge’s new product ahead of CES, then building momentum with the live product unveiling and new partner announcements, RH Strategic secured and staffed more than 55 media briefings for Wi-Charge on the show floor at CES 2020, 19 of which were Tier 1 media outlets, including NBC News, CNBC, Consumer Reports, Forbes, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, CRN and more.

In total, RH Strategic secured more than 65 pieces of coverage for Wi-Charge’s new product launch, including broadcast segments with NBC and CNBC, and earned a top spot on CRN’s list of the “Top 25 Cutting-Edge Technologies and Products form CES Unveiled 2020.” RH Strategic secured approximately three times the amount of Tier 1 coverage and three times the number of articles for Wi-Charge than its closest competitor.