Through public relations, we educate policymakers and public sector decision makers on cybersecurity, healthcare, digital transformation and other critical issues that enable a thriving, modern society and economy.

We understand the power of innovative technologies to disrupt the status quo in government — to increase transparency and access, to level the playing field, to drive more value to taxpayers, and to radically transform citizens’ relationships with government.

And yet, breaking through the noise in the public sector can be particularly challenging. This multi-billion dollar marketplace runs on a high octane mix of news, policy, regulation, elections and world events. Many media outlets cover issues with a special focus you don’t see elsewhere and with words that can sway and disrupt conventional wisdom. Success is about building relationships, earning trust, and positioning company experts as go-to sources for reporters looking for insightful comments on issues and current events.

We get all that. We have been embedded in the policy and public sector arena for many years. We know how to identify the right channels and outlets, develop precise messaging and act at just the right time to influence decisions. We have worked with many different agencies and branches of government, seen reams of regulation and policy come and go, and learned from hard-won experience which PR strategies get real results.

Our strategic approach to public relations, public affairs, and communications will help you be heard in Washington D.C. and beyond. Interested in learning more?  Contact us.

RH Government Experts

Bonnie McLaughlin

Bonnie McLaughlin Vice President

Elizabeth Fawcett

Elizabeth Fawcett Associate Vice President

Emily Field

Emily Field Account Director