Looking to expand their broadband network to underserved communities in rural Alaska, GCI asked for our help applying for stimulus funding through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

We immediately understood the company faced a huge challenge making sure their response to the lengthy, highly complex application was understandable to a variety of government audiences with a wide range of technical expertise. As part of that process, we worked closely with many different internal stakeholders and outside partners to craft the proposal.

Our hard work paid off handsomely. The excitement emanating from our Washington D.C. office may well have been heard in Alaska when we learned GCI had won a total of $88 million in grants and loans to build the network.

The “TERRA” network now reaches more than 72 villages in rural Alaska, delivering critical bandwidth to regional health corporations, school districts, Native Alaskan organizations and residents. As the network has grown, we have continued to help GCI build on its success by winning regular media coverage for them, producing marketing collateral, developing a microsite packed with project news and updates and helping them establish and grow their social media presence.