Today’s healthcare industry gives new meaning to “market disruption.” Soaring costs and government mandates, especially from the Affordable Care Act, are driving a surge in provider consolidation, a strong turn toward more evidence-based care, new demands for security and privacy, and a complex transition to digital health.

Bottom line: we are headed fast toward a “retail” healthcare system in which consumers are more involved in their own care and there is far greater transparency at every level. This transformation is a huge story that makes reporters, analysts, opinion leaders, investors and lawmakers constantly hungry for fresh insights and innovative solutions to the industry’s many opportunities and challenges.

RH Strategic works in the middle of that rapid-fire conversation, with clients who are either leading it or soon will be, with our help. Our clients are inspired makers and doers with sharp-eyed visions of how to improve the system–and people’s lives. Most offer innovative technology; others are insurers or providers just as determined to challenge the status quo. With our years of healthcare industry experience and strategic, solutions-based approach to PR, we help them do just that. We get results that don’t just participate in the healthcare conversation–they lead it.

RH Healthcare Experts

John Raffetto

John Raffetto Chief Executive Officer

David Herman

David Herman President

Jennifer Bemisderfer

Jennifer Bemisderfer Managing Director

Jason Poos

Jason Poos Vice President

Kara Lundberg

Kara Lundberg Associate Vice President

Holly Noland

Holly Noland Account Director

Brendan Hughes

Brendan Hughes Account Director

Danielle Ruckert

Danielle Ruckert Account Supervisor

Samantha Garrard

Samantha Garrard Senior Public Relations Associate

Jenna Shikoff

Jenna Shikoff Senior Public Relations Associate

Emily Field

Emily Field Public Relations Associate