As Associate Vice President, my main job is to make sure that all my accounts are operating smoothly. I’m extremely organized.

It’s more than just making sure documents are formatted right, it’s about having feelers out, so if we pick up that a client is having a busy week we can make sure we’re right there for them, helping out.

Many of my clients are in the enterprise technology sector and I have more than five years experience working with healthcare IT companies–introducing them and their offerings to the market, helping them get recognized as thought leaders, convincing government to pay more attention to issues that affect them. I spend a lot of my time just keeping up with industry news so I can have educated conversations with my clients.

The pay-off for me is when a client is totally satisfied and tells me that. It helps me know that what we’re doing is impactful and helping their bottom line. I recently had a client say to me “You’re my hero!,” but really what I did wasn’t heroic at all, it was just my job.

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Building long-lasting relationships with clients. I worked hard to connect with and establish a trusting relationship with one client in particular for several years who came back to RH Strategic after a one-year break–and we’re still going strong!