I’m a news junkie. I know what makes headlines; I know what reporters want from sources. I started in politics as a U.S. Senate press secretary, and committee spokesperson. When I had my fill of political newsmaking, I got into corporate PR, representing Fortune 500 media, telecom and healthcare clients to top-tier media. But I soon learned that working with emerging companies and thought leaders, particularly in technology, was my true passion. I’ve been helping them tell their stories since 2000.

At RH Strategic, I get a thrill out of giving my clients access to my career insight and putting it to work for them. I love it when my team scores a huge hit that alters the course of conversation in the world. These days, that can come from a cover story, or from a social media post that catches fire.

What I’ve learned over the years is that ultimately, clients are buying market leadership, not simply PR. That’s where strategy is so important. It’s this blend of art & science, left brain – right brain, that makes this work so rewarding.

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I’m proudest of…

Founding this agency with David [Herman], taking a strategic method we developed together to accelerate the growth of a single client, and then scaling it and building the success of our firm on that model. The team we have is hand-picked to represent our vision. I never want someone to say another firm could have gotten better results than RH Strategic.