Ashley Winiewicz applies her training in political communications to help RH Strategic’s clients meet their policy objectives.

Her dedication to all things public affairs enables her to keep track of the many moving pieces in D.C. on behalf of her clients. She puts to use her knowledge of policy to develop a variety of content, including newsletters, blog posts and pitches. Her relationships with the media have landed her clients coverage in The Hill, Inside Cybersecurity, Smart Cities World, and elsewhere.

A graduate of Valparaiso University, Ashley is currently pursuing a master’s in political communication at American University. As a student, she worked as a journalist at The Torch and held leadership roles in a number of student organizations. She participated in RH Strategic’s 12-week Fellowship Program before joining the firm full-time.

I’m proudest of…

Finding new ways to put my clients at the forefront of industry conversation. In crowded markets, you need to think creatively and move quickly to capitalize on opportunities for your clients.