I lead the digital marketing efforts for RH Strategic and our clients — everything from websites and SEO to branding, collateral, proposals and presentations. If you ask folks in the office what I do, they will probably tell you I make things look good — and that’s true, but it goes deeper than that.

A lot of what I do ties back to maintaining a consistent brand, but also knowing when to adapt to changes. What I enjoy most is putting on my designer’s hat and creating something new that has real impact.

Working at RH Strategic, every day is different. There are always a lot of balls in the air with competing priorities.  The challenge is making sure the right resources are paired with the right project to keep things moving productively and ultimately deliver value.

I am pretty laid back by nature. Working with my team, I like to set a dynamic where everybody is contributing and engaged based on their strengths. To me, that is the most valuable interaction.

I’m proudest of…

Our success in helping GCI, a long-time client, continually win business for the broadband services they provide to rural Alaska schools and health clinics. We took what was a standard boilerplate proposal approach, and expanded it into a more customized, digital experience.