Bonnie McLaughlin leads RH Strategic’s public sector practice with PR programs that help clients break through the high-volume noise of news, policy, regulation, elections and world events.

Before joining RH Strategic, Bonnie was the executive director of global partnerships and marketing at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She held previous marketing and PR roles at Partnership for a Healthier America and the Tribeca Film Festival.

She built her career in account management and campaign-related work, which adds to her interdisciplinary PR experience. Her deep knowledge of marketing, advertising, thought leadership, branding and research, enables her to service clients across many facets of their work, and to tell their stories in different and creative ways.

Bonnie is an accomplished, team-oriented and team-driven leader, who prides herself on delivering above and beyond for clients and partners. Bonnie is driven to bring together excellent internal and external stakeholders to accomplish and exceed her clients’ goals. And as an avid Philadelphia sports fan, she’s well-versed in resiliency and surmounting challenges!

Sample of Bonnie’s Accomplishments:

  • Administered and executed multi-year, seven-figure contracts across multiple industries and platforms, and grew a book of business from $8 million to more than $25 million.
  • Developed a five-year, multi-million-dollar sponsorship with one of the biggest airlines in the U.S., as well as developed new platforms, programs, and campaigns for clients and partners, across a range of industries including luxury, hospitality, CPG companies, and major food and beverage brands.
  • Expanded a thought leadership initiative by 300% that resulted in billions of impressions and major, national media placements.

I’m proudest of…

Being part of such a special and smart team at RH! I truly believe there’s no task too big or too small, it’s all about doing it with the best team in the business.