Anyone can have an opinion on a policy issue, but finding a way to message it and make it their own is what drives my interest in strategic communications.

I have always enjoyed identifying niche issues to develop and message with purpose and importance. Digging for that one small part of the issue that no one else has talked about not only makes the work fun, but gives the client an opportunity to be a leader on the issue.

Prior to joining RH Strategic, I was a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill and handled a portfolio of social domestic issues including healthcare, education, and child nutrition. Being in a minority office, I was constantly looking for ways to promote and advance the Member’s priorities which required creativity, knowledge of the issues, and political insight.


The time I spent working on an issue that garnered support from both ends of the political spectrum while I was on the Hill. The project was bipartisan, attracted the support of several interest groups, and picked up a lot of media attention both in local news and in national online publications. Months of work culminated with the passage of a bipartisan amendment to an appropriations bill on the House floor.

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