Biometrics authentication—using peoples’ fingerprints and other physical attributes to identify them—is a hot topic for debate in government and technology circles.

Critics claim it is not possible to develop biometrics applications that increase public security and protect personal privacy at the same time. One of our clients, a top biometrics provider, strongly disagreed, so when a subcommittee of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee invited them to testify, we jumped in to help.

We first wrote lengthy testimony for one of their subject matter experts to present to the sub-committee, then we helped him practice answering the tough questions we knew he would get from legislators.

Working with the subcommittee’s press secretary, we arranged for copies of his testimony to be widely distributed and for him to be interviewed by legislators and key subcommittee staff.

In the weeks leading up to the hearing, we invited a select group of reporters and influencers and made sure they had good access to our client’s subject matter expert. The hearing was a success and the media coverage that followed was right on target, including placements in such influential public sector publications as Congressional Quarterly, Homeland Security, Federal Computer Week and Defense Daily.

The success of that testimony later led to an even bigger, long-term win for our client when the same congressional committee invited them to testify again, clearly signaling it saw the company as a thought leader in the biometrics space.