Consumers have more control over their healthcare than ever before.

In the same way that COVID-19 propelled the adoption of telemedicine and technology, we’ve reached a moment where the industry can genuinely deliver on its promise of truly connected care. The pandemic propelled consumers to gain greater insight into the inner workings of the healthcare system and empowered them to take control of their health. We’re seeing this reflected in the health landscape.

Today’s consumers want to be healthier and happier. They’re more conscious of the foods they fuel their bodies with, the environmental toxins in their communities, and the role inequity plays in their health and population health. They track and understand their sleep habits, then use the data to inform improvements. They seek seamless access to mental health professionals by phone or video, and a convenient and cost-effective experience when it comes to getting medication. Most importantly, they expect their accessible technology to be personalized and connected to empowers them to lead healthier lives.

At RH Strategic, we partner with consumer health innovators to accelerate adoption of their products, increase awareness of the brand among consumers and physicians, and build the thought leadership needed to prime the market for the future and secure funding. Our creative communications campaigns move the needle on growth for companies at all stages, from startups debuting their Series A funding announcements to established Fortune 100 brands.

We share our clients’ burning resolve to improve the healthcare system – and people’s lives. Across the consumer health arena, here are some examples of the types of clients we work with:

  • Telehealth companies offering innovative approaches to improve the standard of care, specifically primary care and mental health care
  • Medical device companies creating a more connected experience for health management and improved outcomes
  • Digital health apps offering improved patient experience and increased transparency

What Our Clients Say

I’m really thankful for your entire team. I view you as an extension of our team and I appreciate your proactiveness and willingness to jump right in, regardless of the topic or situation.

Andy Wong
Chief Marketing Officer, PlushCare

I cannot understate how significant a win this one was for the company and our overall goals. Thank you for your efforts to help us tell both the payer + provider stories simultaneously to clearly state how we are different and improving their dynamic.

Stacey Lee
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, XSOLIS

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