The digital health industry is in the middle of a revolution that will – and must – improve care for all people.

Health apps, connected devices and software have changed the way patients and physicians interact with the healthcare system, while AI and machine learning are creating efficiencies and cutting costs. As the healthcare market continues to consolidate and funding slows, healthcare innovators – particularly the ones with impact data and stories as proof points – are uniquely positioned to pave the way for the future and drive sustainable change.

With this great opportunity comes a responsibility to adhere to key values within healthcare, including putting the patient at the center of the system, designing a more equitable system for all, caring for physicians and refocusing on health and well-being while treating disease. As an award-winning national healthcare PR agency, we take these values seriously and root them into the communication campaigns we design.

We know what makes a good story – a story that rises above the mainstream narrative and delivers the brand awareness and thought leadership that transforms innovators into market leaders. We have a proven track record of success, from brands using PR to help secure new funding, to elevate a CEO’s thought leadership and announce new products, to more broadly drive the conversation around the future of healthcare. Our creative communications campaigns move the needle on growth for companies at all stages, from startups debuting their Series A funding announcements to well-established Fortune 100 brands.

Our clients share our burning resolve to improve the system – and people’s lives. Across the digital health arena, here are some examples of the types of clients we work with:

  • Providers offering innovative approaches to improve the standard of care.
  • Digital health apps offering improved patient experience and increased transparency.
  • Healthcare software creating efficiencies and improving information sharing.
  • Medical device companies that create a more connected experience for health management.
  • Life sciences companies delivering tech-driven approaches to solve global health issues.

What Our Healthcare Clients Say

“I’m really thankful for your entire team. I view you as an extension of our team and I appreciate your proactiveness and willingness to jump right in, regardless of the topic or situation.”

Andy Wong,
Chief Marketing Officer, PlushCare

“I cannot understate how significant a win this one was for the company and our overall goals. Thank you for your efforts to help us tell both the payer + provider stories simultaneously to clearly state how we are different and improving their dynamic.”

Stacey Lee,
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, XSOLIS

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