In our society, one thing is constant: change. Nothing has a greater impact on change than technology. We believe that today’s technological innovations have the potential to shape our world and unlock future generations of possibility.

Emerging technologies are already revolutionizing the way we learn, work, travel and communicate. Right now, AI is streamlining life as we know it through smarter automation. As early as 2030, quantum computing could fundamentally shift our approach to cybersecurity and encryption. By 2050, the field of emerging tech will include a new crop of innovators and change-makers working on the vanguard of technology, introducing advances near unimaginable today.

These conversations around emerging technology are all happening today and will only continue to increase in pitch and frequency. So, what can brands do now to stand out in a field driven by buzz and hype? Our job at RH Strategic is to help your brand separate itself from the pack and generate excitement around its unique story. Your innovations have the opportunity to radically transform business, the economy and society for the better, and we make sure people know that.

Here are just some of the emerging technologies we’re working with:

  • Blockchain: We capitalized on interest in cryptocurrencies to generate demand among cryptocurrency investors for a wildly successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by a blockchain software company.
  • 5G: We’re telling the stories of 5G for our clients to help them win new business, reach bigger audiences, and position them as innovators and change-makers around the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We’re influencing policymakers and legislators in D.C. on behalf of a Fortune 50 company seeking to foster AI innovation and stimulate job growth on U.S. soil.
  • Autonomous vehicles: We coordinated the launch of a solid state LIDAR technology with a live driverless demonstration and influencer event in San Francisco for an emerging brand in the self-driving car business.
  • Edge and cloud-enabled devices: We’re rebranding a leader in the embedded OS industry as a device systems integrator harnessing the power of intelligent devices and systems.
  • Private LTE: We’re working with a wireless provider to increase security surrounding critical U.S. infrastructure and utilities over private LTE networks.
  • 3D printing and composite manufacturing: We’re promoting a revolutionary new advanced composite manufacturing technique that leverages rapid-curing resins and continuous fibers to create 3D structures without molds.
  • Shared economy: We helped accelerate a company’s vision for the future of work in the shared economy by placing stories in top media outlets, including Fast Company, CNN Money, USA Today and CNBC.
  • Quantum computing: We’re positioning two major cybersecurity clients at the center of national conversations about quantum computing and quantum-safe algorithms.

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