Over the last decade, sustainable and responsible technology solutions have risen with a promise to address the world’s biggest challenges.

Banners like CleanTech, GreenTech, ClimateTech, EdTech, Fintech, Data Security, and more have all emerged as society turns toward building a cleaner, safer, more equitable world. But whether these promises result in actual meaningful change is going to take more than just innovation.

It is going to take action – which will lead to IMPACT.

At RH Strategic, we have been working with some of the world’s most innovative technology companies since the firm’s inception, and have shaped messaging, educated audiences, and moved the needle for numerous companies and causes. Whether it is launching a new product, service or company, driving communications around a successful funding announcement or building the profile of an executive as a visionary, we are adept at inserting our clients into the right conversations, shaping new thinking, and inspiring action.

Our IMPACT practice focuses on partnering with mission-driven companies that are tackling the world’s biggest challenges and using our full toolbox of PR solutions to help them achieve their objectives. From social to environmental impact, we represent the full spectrum, including companies supporting measurement of ESG or meeting sustainability goals, reducing pollution, utilizing robotics and autonomous electric technology, stopping fraud, enriching and creating equity and inclusion opportunities through technology solutions, and many more.

Emily Porro, Senior Vice President, is our practice lead.

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