We’re the Seattle public relations agency that is introducing the next generation of innovators and thought leaders to the world.

Although Seattle is best known for its global brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Costco, Boeing and Gates Foundation, it is also the launching pad for thousands of startups in fields like cloud, mobile, cybersecurity, big data, gaming, digital health, and biotech.

Our Seattle PR team represents clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, and works closely with our east coast office to connect clients with media, influencers, and speaking opportunities nationwide.

When we design national PR campaigns for Seattle-based clients, we also factor in local reputation.  This is because Seattle has one of the tightest markets in the world for highly skilled talent, and a winning reputation locally can make the difference in hiring strategy.  We pursue a combination of local media coverage, awards, and Seattle event appearances to ensure our clients are an employer-of-choice in this market.

More than anything, we value the personal connection we make with our clients in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.  Although phone and video and e-mail are staples of all demanding and effective PR campaigns, the value of in-person collaboration and informal strategizing cannot be understated.

We want to know our clients as people.  That’s why we make a point to be present for strategy sessions, company meetings, and other critical moments.  Additionally, RH Strategic’s Seattle office at 3rd & Seneca serves as a meeting space with clients; a media training studio; a podcast booth; and offers a large conference space for hosted events.

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