Education technology is redefining learning and pushing the education industry into a new era.

Today, students benefit from smart devices and tablets, software infused with all kinds of capable adaptive learning and artificial intelligence tools, and in-hand technology including robots, drones and more. All this innovation is capturing the attention of school district and university decision-makers, investors, lawmakers and influencers alike who see the potential to unlock student creativity, personalize learning, support teachers and administrators, and better prepare students for careers aligned with the rapidly evolving workforce.

As edtech companies develop innovative solutions that have the potential to transform the future of learning and beyond, their message—and how they communicate it—can boost brand visibility, credibility and buy-in.

RH Strategic has supported edtech innovators since the firm’s inception, and the industry has been at the core of our leaders and innovators for more than a decade. Our programs successfully help innovators launch new products and services, create coordinated campaigns around emerging and proven technology, and raise the profile of leaders to elevate their stature as industry visionaries. We bring significant expertise across K-12, higher education and workplace educational settings, as well as influential contacts and a passion for supporting education.

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