These days, education is all the buzz. Whether it’s discussing the safest time to return to in-person classes or the best online learning technology to educate students from home, school district leaders, policymakers and industry influencers everywhere are trying to keep up with today’s everchanging education trends!

As we tell our clients’ stories, breaking through the noise takes the perfect story and, even then, having an established relationship with the right reporter can make or break a pitch. Below is a list of reporters we look to in order to stay up to date on the latest education trends:

  1. Melissa Ezarik, District Administration, @MelissaEzarik: Ezarik is the Managing Editor for District Administration Magazine. She covers higher education, school administration and government. She also has over two decades of experience as a freelance writer. She served as the features editor for District Administration Magazine before joining University Business as managing editor, where she assigned, edited and wrote articles.
  2. Ainsley Harris, Fast Company, @ainsleyoc: Harris is a senior writer with Fast Company, where she writes about an array of tech industry issues. Her primary focus now is remote learning tools. Prior to working with Fast Company, Harris used to work as a business analyst for McKinsey & Company before working a variety of strategy roles.
  3. Rebecca Koenig, EdSurge, @becky_koenig: Koenig is a senior news and data reporter with EdSurge. She is based out of Washington, D.C., where she primarily covers the future of learning with a focus on higher education. Before joining the EdSurge team, Koenig reported for U.S. News & World Report, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  4. David Rauf, Education Week, @davidSrauf: Rauf is a freelance journalist and regular contributor for Education week, where he writes about K-12 education. Some of his latest stories are about teacher professional development, tips for remoting learning and edtech. Prior to writing for Education Week, Rauf was a reporter with Hearst Media, Reuters and Politico. His work can be found in The Associated Press, The Dallas Morning News, the Texas Observer, Education Week and EdWeek Market Brief.
  5. Javeria Salman, The Hechinger Report, @JaveriaSal: Salman is the digital news producer for The Hechinger Report, where she covers remote learning. Before joining The Hechinger Report, she worked as an editor and reporter at The East Carolinian, an independent college newspaper. She also has significant volunteer experience with several non-profit Muslim American organizations.
  6. Tony Wan, EdSurge, @tonywan: Wan is the managing editor for EdSurge, where he covers the latest innovations and trends in the edtech industry, with a focus on startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital. Before joining the EdSurge team, Wan co-founded a math learning startup, Luckybird Games.
  7. Natalie Wexler, Forbes, @natwexler: Wexler is a regular contributor to Forbes, where she writes about the knowledge gap and equity in education. She is also the author of “The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System — and How to Fix It.” Prior to writing for Forbes and developing her own book, Wexler acted as associate editor of a documentary about the history of the supreme court.

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