A company’s response to a crisis situation can be the difference between rapid success and failure. If you are in a crisis now, contact us immediately.

If you are preparing for the possibility, we are here to help. We have the tools and will give your team the training to respond swiftly and appropriately to the situation. Our goal in crisis response is to have your brand emerge stronger and smarter than ever.

For an immediate or pending crisis, we will:

  • Conduct an urgency assessment.
  • Game play response scenarios.
  • Develop talking points, messaging and media statements.
  • Identify and train a “Tiger team.”
  • Arrange third-party support.
  • Conduct media training workshops.
  • Prepare response documents.

For crisis contingency planning, we will:

  • Review the general procedure for crisis response.
  • Develop scenario response plans.
  • Execute brand inoculation plan in targeted areas.

PR Services

  • Blogging
  • Campaign planning
  • Media tours
  • Media training
  • Messaging
  • Presentations & speeches
  • Press & analyst coverage